K-1 Amateur European Championship 2014. Lithuania, Vilnius 20-23 nov 2014.

Долгожданный Чемпионат Европы который должен был пройти в Кишиневе весной этого года пройдет в ноября в столице Литвы г.Вильнюс. Напомним что Чемпионат Европы был отменен в связи с нестабильной обстановкой в соседней Украине. И руководство федерации решило перенести турнир на осень. Планировалось его проведение так же в Кишиневе. Но так как ситуация не стабилизировалась  местом проведения был назначен Вильнюс. Бойцы сборной WAK-1F Moldova уже потихоньку начинают тренировки. Им предстоит очень нелегкий труд для завоевания наград.






The organizers

World Amateur K-1 Federation (WAK-1F), Sparta GYM.



Sport Hall “Eikinsta sport centre“, Vytenio str. 46, Vilnius, Lithuania.







Weighting and registration

20 Nov

13:00 – 19:00

 Hotell Europa City

Address: J.Jasinskio str. 14, Vilnius LT-01112



Eikinsta sport centre, Vytenio str. 46, Vilnius



20 Nov

19:00 – 20:00

Referees’ meeting

20 Nov



Start of preliminary bouts

21 Nov

 11:00 -  20:00


 22 Nov

 11:00 -  20:00



 23  Nov





Competitions are held according to the rules of the World Amateur K-1 Federation (WAK-1F). For the competitors 11-16 years, knees to the head are prohibited. The competitors 11-16 years must wear chest protectors.


Age and weight categories

Men (19 years and elder): -51 kg, -54 kg, -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -76 kg, -81 kg, -86 kg,  -91 kg, +91 kg.

Females (19 years and elder):  -48 kg, -52 kg, -56 kg, -60 kg, -65 kg, -70 kg, +70 kg.


Juniors men 17-18 years: -48 kg, -51 kg, -54 kg, 57 kg, -60 kg, -63 kg, -66 kg, -70 kg, -75 kg, -80 kg, -85 kg, +85 kg.

Juniors females 17-18 years:  -40 kg, -44 kg, -48 kg, -52 kg, -56 kg, -60 kg, +60 kg.


Cadets men 15-16 years: -48 kg, -51 kg, -54 kg, 57 kg, -60 kg, -63 kg, -66 kg, -70 kg, -75 kg, -80 kg, -85 kg, +85 kg.

Juniors females 15-16 years:  -40 kg, -44 kg, -48 kg, -52 kg, -56 kg, -60 kg, +60 kg.


Cadets men 13-14 years:   -42kg, -45kg, -48kg, -51kg, -54kg, -57kg, -60kg, -63kg, -66kg, -70kg, +70kg.


Cadets men 11-12  years:  -32kg, -34kg, -36kg, -38kg, -40kg, -42kg, -45kg, -48kg, -51kg, -54kg, -57kg, +57kg.





Each team shall send an application according to the attachment no.1 to e-mail info@spartagym.lt till 10th November, 2014.

The entry fee for fighters is 30 euros.

Fighter must have a health certificate approved one week prior to championship, otherwise he must pass a medical inspection which will cost 5 euros.

Each fighter must provide proof of identity.

Each fighter must have life/health insurance for the period of competitions.



The color of gloves, head guard, shin protectors, shirt must be according to the color of fighter’s corner.

Competitors of age category Cadets (11-16 years) must have chest protectors.

Organizers will provide: gloves, head guards, shin protectors, chest protectors.

In addition, every one will have the possibility to buy their own personal equipment.



Each team if they have such possibility should provide at least one judge certified WAK-1F on their own expenses.


Visa, arrival and accommodation:

EU (European Union) citizens don’t need visas to entry the territory Lithuania.

Here you can check if you need visa: http://consul.mfa.lt/index.php/index-home-page/first/visas/list-of-countries-whose-citizens-do-not-require-visas-to-enter-the-republic-of-lithuania

Accommodation and travel

Nonresident  teams  can  book  rooms in the Hotel Europa City:http://europacityvilnius.com/ .

The price is up to 24 Euro/ 1 person / 1 night  including  breakfast.  

When  making   your  reservation  please  specify that  you  are the  members  of  K-1 European  Championship.

If in the unlucky event there are no more rooms in this hotel, we can provide another hotel. In this case, a list of visitors must be sent to:info@spartagym.lt.

All teams are covering their own travel expenses.


Additional information

More information about forthcoming championship on www.wak-1f.com.



President of WAK-1F

Donatas Simanaitis